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New Android apps worth downloading: Google Keep, Facebook update, Super Stickman Golf 2

Mar 21, 2013

Google’s latest online service is Google Keep, and its Android app kicks off our apps worth downloading for the weekend. The service makes it easy to jot down and save notes to the cloud, as well as transcribe voice notes, and more. We’ve also got an update for the Android Facebook app and Super Stickman Golf 2, a side-scrolling physics-based golf title that’s a ton of fun alone or with friends.

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Google Keep (Free)

What’s it about? Google is taking on note-taking services with Google Keep, an app that lets you save text and voice notes, share them and turn them into ideas.

What’s cool? I Google Keep is a quick and easy way to take notes and keep track of your thoughts for later. The app allows you to create checklists, jot down text notes, add notes to photos and even record voice and have it transcribed to text so you can use it for later. You can also easy archive notes you no longer need, transfer to other devices using your Google account, and access widgets from your home screen to more easily capture your ideas before you lose them.

Who’s it for? Users who use their mobile devices to keep track of thoughts and reminders should definitely give Google Keep a try.

What’s it like? Evernote is counted as a favorite among note-taking services, as is Note Everything.

Facebook update (Free)

What’s it about? Facebook continues to improve its Android app experience, bringing new tweaks and features to mobile users, while continuing to offer a solid version of the social network.

What’s cool? At this point, you’re probably a Facebook user on Android, since it’s among the most popular mobile apps on any platform. Facebook allows users to update statuses, view photos, send messages to other users and do a host of other things through the social network, including check in to physical locations and share photos from their device’s camera. The app still isn’t quite as full-featured as the web version of Facebook, however, but the company continues to add new elements. With its latest update, Facebook adds the ability to change your profile picture and hide stories or report spam from your newsfeed, making it a little easier to get exactly what you want out of the network.

Who’s it for? If you use Facebook anywhere, you should be using it on your phone or tablet.

What’s it like? For more social networking, try Twitter and Instagram.

Super Stickman Golf 2 (Free)

What’s it about? The sequel to Super Stickman Golf brings players back to its 2-D, crazy golf courses, and adds new power-ups, new challenges, and a couple of cool new multiplayer components.

What’s cool? If you’ve never tried Super Stickman Golf, you’ll still find Super Stickman Golf 2 extremely easy and intuitive to pick up. The game has players playing through 2-D golf courses that often get a little crazy, adding floating platform, sticky walls, icy slopes and other challenges, making the game more similar to physics games like Angry Birds than traditional golf. You play by adjusting your aim and deciding how much power you want in your swing, and you can make use of power-ups that can freeze your ball in midair or stick it to walls in order to get the best score possible. Super Stickman Golf 2 also includes an asynchronous multiplayer mode and a racing mode, in which you battle other golfers for the best score and the fastest finish.

Who’s it for? Players who enjoy the first Super Stickman Golf, physics puzzlers and just plain fun games should try Super Stickman Golf 2.

What’s it like? The original Super Stickman Golf is also worth your attention, as are games with similar mechanics, such as Fragger.

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