New Android apps worth downloading: Google+ and Kindle updates, Middle Manager of Justice | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: Google+ and Kindle updates, Middle Manager of Justice

Aug 16, 2013

Two of the most useful apps in the Google Play Store receive updates on our Apps Worth Downloading column today. First up is Google+, the social network that looks to offer an alternative to Facebook, which adds new features like a “Party mode” that automatically sends photos from an event straight to your profile. Up next is Kindle, Amazon’s e-book store and reader, which now includes new search capabilities and info on reading times. Finally, in the non-update department, comes Middle Manager of Justice, a management simulation title in which players take on the role of the boss of a group of superheroes.

Google+ update (Free)

What’s it about? Google’s take on the social networking experience lets users create “circles” to divide friends and acquaintances into groups, allowing for easier control of sharing.

What’s cool? Tap into Google’s online social network with the official Google+ app. Like most other networks, it makes it easy to share status updates, links, photos, videos and more with other users. Google+ stands apart, however, because it lets you group your friends, family and acquaintances together into “circles,” which allow you to dictate how you share what with whom. You can keep your more personal photos and status updates for your better friends, while sharing other items with more groups, and so on. Google just added new features in an update to the app as well, bringing a new tablet layout, a “Party mode” that lets you automatically share photos from a particular event, and a “Nearby” page that shows you what’s happening near you.

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Who’s it for? If you’re an avid Google+ user on the web or in the mood for something other than Facebook, check out the Android version of Google’s take.

What’s it like? Of course, you should also check out the king of social networks, Facebook, as well as the Google+-style take on it, Klyph.

Kindle update (Free)

What’s it about? Amazon turns your Android device into a e-book reader with Kindle, an app that lets you search for, purchase and read e-books from the online retailer.

What’s cool? Amazon has a huge library of e-books for sale, and its Kindle app makes buying them, and more importantly, reading them, incredibly easy. The app lets you sync your library, whether you purchase online or through the app, and you can pick up wherever you left off in what you’re reading, no matter what device you were reading on. Kindle allows you to highlight text and make notes, and you can also quickly look up words by tapping them as you’re reading. Kindle’s latest update also adds new means for you to search your library, information about how long it’ll take you to finish reading your current chapter, and improvements for syncing and stability.

Who’s it for? Readers, not only is Kindle a great way of getting e-books, it’s an equally great app for reading them.

What’s it like? You can get more e-books through Nook and Google Play Books.

Middle Manager of Justice (Free)

What’s it about? Hire, train and manage a group of superheroes to fight evil efficiently and effectively in Middle Manager of Justice.

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What’s cool? Superheroes might get all the glory, but somebody has to keep those people on task and in line. That’s where you come in – you’re the manager of a branch of a superhero company in Middle Manager of Justice, and it’s your job to hire heroes and get them in top shape for fighting evil. You’ll spend most of your time in a simulation game in which you’ll need to spend energy for you and your heroes to complete tasks and build rooms to upgrade them, but you’ll also dispatch them on missions to fight villains and defeat criminals throughout the city, as well.

Who’s it for? If you like your management games with a side of battling baddies, check out Middle Manager of Justice.

What’s it like? Also worth checking out is developer Double Fine’s other new title, Dropchord.

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