New Android apps worth downloading: GolfLogix and Hotel Tonight updates, Fractal Combat | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: GolfLogix and Hotel Tonight updates, Fractal Combat

May 14, 2013

Get in some great golf this week with the help of GolfLogix, an app that utilizes GPS capabilities and other features to help improve your golf game. If you’re planning to travel, check out the updated version of Hotel Tonight, which can help you land a last-minute hotel room on the cheap. Finally, there’s Fractal Combat, an aerial combat game in which you engage in various dogfighting missions.

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GolfLogix update (Free)

What’s it about? Fire up GolfLogix to get GPS coverage of any course, providing you with information like yardage and 3-D maps and more.

What’s cool? GolfLogix is a handy all-in-one app you might want to take onto the course with you next time you go out. In addition to GPS coverage of just about any course, it also provides you with useful features like four-player scoring and GPS info about any point on the course. The app also can help you be a better golfer, providing things like video flyovers of courses and videos from pros and legends helping you perfect your swing and other elements of your game. The newest update to the app an easier-to-navigate menu and Facebook Connect capabilities.

Who’s it for? If you play golf, then GolfLogix is one of the better apps available.

What’s it like? Try SkyDroid and ScoreCaddie for more handy golfing apps.

Hotel Tonight update (Free)

What’s it about? Hotel Tonight lets you book hotel rooms at the last minute in 12 different countries, which makes it a must-have app when traveling.

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What’s cool? Hotel Tonight’s latest update adds integration with Google Maps, new redesigns for tablet users, and bug fixes. Finding a hotel at the last minute can be a serious pain, especially when you’re already traveling and don’t have many other options. Hotel Tonight makes those bookings possible and even easy, and even better, it can help you nab great rates on those rooms as well, so you can avoid paying out the nose for being a little behind.

Who’s it for? Travelers, Hotel Tonight is a solid app to have in your collection, whether you need a hotel room fast or are just looking to save some money.

What’s it like? You might also get some useful help out of Trip Advisor and

Fractal Combat (Free)

What’s it about? Grab an aircraft and tear through enemy fighters in Fractal Combat, a dogfighting game that includes seven different worlds over which to do battle.

What’s cool? Fractal Combat is a third-person flight combat game in which you climb into the cockpit and take down other fighters. The game includes both accelerometer and touch controls, giving you your perfect means of blasting through both space and atmosphere to take out enemy fighters. You’ll fly over seven different worlds, and you can also upgrade weapons and ships over time, making you a more effective flyer that can take down more enemies.

Who’s it for? Fans of dogfights and games that simulate flight should check out Fractal Combat.

What’s it like? Check out Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory for more flight simulation action.

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