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New Android apps worth downloading: Gmail update, Neatly for Twitter beta, DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom

Mar 20, 2013

An update to Gmail kicks off today’s list of Android apps worth downloading, bringing new features to users and further improving one of the better email clients on the platform. We’ve also got the beta version of Neatly for Twitter, which works to make Twitter navigation even better, and DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom, a hack-and-slash role-playing title with plenty of action.

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Gmail update (Free)

What’s it about? Google’s web-based email client is already one of the slickest on Android, and its latest update adds more features.

What’s cool? If you use Gmail on the web, you’re probably pretty familiar with what it has to offer on Android – which is most of the features that web users enjoy. Obviously you can send and receive email, but Gmail also supports additional features, like setting up labels and using them to send notifications, accessing multiple email accounts, and viewing and sending attachments on messages. The newest update to Gmail gives you more capabilities to reply or archive emails straight from your notifications, which allows you to skip opening the app and going through extra steps, as well as other improvements.

Who’s it for? If you like Gmail on the web, you’ll like it on Android.

What’s it like? You might also find Aqua Mail and Yahoo! Mail to be solid email client alternatives.

Neatly for Twitter beta (Free)

What’s it about? Twitter client Neatly uses a simple user interface and an internal engine to bring the tweets you want to read most to your attention first.

What’s cool? Twitter clients for mobile devices usually suffer from being either pared back or somewhat unintuitive. Neatly for Twitter focuses on the latter issue – as its name suggests, it makes navigating through Twitter as easy and intuitive as possible. Its claim to fame is that it uses software to search through your Twitter timeline to find the tweets that are most interesting to you, from the people you most want to hear from, and bring them to your attention first. The app works to weed out things you’ll find irrelevant and group items about the same topics together, and allows you to mute annoying people on your timeline or tweets about subjects you don’t want to read (which is great if you’re avoiding Game of Thrones spoilers). Just remember that Neatly is still in beta, which means it’s still being tested for bugs.

Who’s it for? If you’re in the market for a smarter look at Twitter, Neatly deserves some attention.

What’s it like? Twicca is also a good means of getting your Twitter fix, and if you like simple, you could always go with the straight-up Twitter app.

DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom (Free)

What’s it about? Hack-and-slash role-playing title DevilDark has players smashing through tons of enemies with swords and hammer, using special moves and all kinds of powers to defeat them.

What’s cool? With a big sword and lots of enemies to kill, DevilDark will remind players of titles such as Diablo 3 on PC, or maybe the Legend of Zelda series. As you move through the game, you’ll spend a lot of time smashing bad guys using your special abilities, grabbing loot from dungeons, and generally making yourself more powerful. As you play, you’ll unlock new skills and abilities and customize your character’s equipment and weapons, and use them to take on huge bosses and lots of bad guys.

Who’s it for? Fans of action-RPGs, there’s a lot to enjoy in DevilDark.

What’s it like? Try also Dungeon Hunter 3 and Heroes of Destiny for lots more action-RPG craziness.

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