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New Android apps worth downloading: Gmail update, Finding Teddy, Ticket to Ride

Jun 5, 2013

Today’s apps worth downloading list starts with an update to Gmail that’s just for Android users. Google’s email client gets new features for its notifications, making it even more useful and convenient. We’ve got some games to go with it – Finding Teddy, a graphically beautiful point-and-click adventure game, and Ticket to Ride, a board game turned into an online multiplayer experience.

Gmail update (Free)

What’s it about? Google’s web-based email client is a pretty solid offering on Android devices, and updates keep making it better.

What’s cool? Just like Gmail for web browsers, the Android app brings a great, intuitive email experience to users. Gmail includes the ability to manage multiple accounts and move messages around in different folders and organization, and also allows you to show only the messages you want to see – like only what’s unread, for example. Like the web-based Gmail, it’s also possible to search through all your conversations, mark items as unread, and more. The latest update to Gmail adds the ability to archive, delete and read emails from your notifications, rather than opening the entire app.

Who’s it for? Gmail users, the mobile version of the email client is something you should be using.

What’s it like? You might also find Yahoo! Mail and AquaMail to be useful email alternatives.

Finding Teddy ($2.32)

What’s it about? Adventure title Finding Teddy puts players in the role of a little girl searching for her lost teddy in a magical world.

What’s cool? A surreal graphical style mixes with a whimsical story in Finding Teddy, a point-and-click adventure title in which players are searching for the titular teddy after it has been stolen by a monster and transported to a strange fantasy world. Like other games in the genre, you’ll be picking up items and storing them in your inventory to use to solve puzzles in order to progress, and the emphasis is primarily on the story and atmosphere, rather than action elements.

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Who’s it for? Fans of atmospheric art styles and point-and-click games should check out Finding Teddy.

What’s it like? Hiversaires is a solid old-school adventure title, and you’ll find a similar experience and art style in Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery.

Ticket to Ride ($6.99)

What’s it about? Board game turned mobile title Ticket to Ride lets players compete against other players in a train-based multiplayer adventure.

What’s cool? The object of Ticket to Ride is to plan train routes across a fairly large, convoluted map. As you increase the length of your route, you earn more and more points, while pulling down fewer for shorter routes. The key to winning, however, is to strategically avoid your opponents’ routes so they don’t block you, while also working to block them. Ticket to Ride supports online multiplayer, so you can play against other fans from all over the world.

Who’s it for? Fans of board games and multiplayer strategy titles should check out Ticket to Ride.

What’s it like? Uno & Friends is another great title with a classic table game feel, as is Neuroshima Hex.

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