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New Android apps worth downloading: Glympse update, DuckDuckGo Search & Stories, Hundreds

Jul 5, 2013

Getting ready to head out this weekend? You might want to bring the newly updated Glympse along. The app makes it easy to share your location with other users, while also protecting and maintaining your privacy. And speaking of privacy, if Google’s logging of your search habits has you worried, grab DuckDuckGo, a search engine that lets you find information anonymously. Finally, we’ve got Hundreds, a popular puzzle game that has just jumped from iOS to Android, and challenges players to carefully touch floating bubbles to inflate them without letting them touch.

Glympse update (Free)

What’s it about? Share your location with others safely with Glympse, choosing who to share with and through which services to protect your information.

What’s cool? Giving people your location over services such as Facebook or Foursquare can be a little dicey. You might not want everyone to know exactly where you are or what you’re doing at any given time, so Glympse makes it possible to share your current location with people, while avoiding sharing it with the whole world. You can provide users with estimated times of arrival as you’re headed to certain places, and share your location through SMS message or different social networks depending on your preferences. Glympse just got a new update that brings in support from Evernote, allowing you to save your locations to the note-taking app. The app has also streamlined the creation of Glympse Groups, making it easier to send your location to many people at once, along with other improvements.

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Who’s it for? If you’re looking to coordinate with people when heading out into the world about where you’ll be and when, Glympse is a handy way to do it.

What’s it like? Both SendMap and Location Share can also help you with sending others your location data.

DuckDuckGo Search & Stories (Free)

What’s it about? Search the Internet anonymously and efficiently with DuckDuckGo, a search app that focuses on privacy as well as on powerful Internet search capabilities.

What’s cool? With the spookiness of NSA programs such as PRISM hitting the news recently, lots of Internet users are more concerned about their browser privacy than ever before. DuckDuckGo helps alleviate those fears by providing an anonymous browsing experience that lets you protect what you’re doing online from prying eyes. The app also provides news stories based on their popularity that are pulled from hand-picked sources, helping you to stay informed with what’s going on in the world.

Who’s it for? Users looking for an alternative to Google and other search engines, and also want their privacy protected, should snag DuckDuckGo.

What’s it like? You might also try CrossSearch, an app for searching multiple search engines at once.


Hundreds ($3.14)

What’s it about? Puzzler Hundreds, previously a big hit on Apple’s iOS platform, has made the jump to Android and brings its careful, casual gameplay to new players.

What’s cool? In each level in Hundreds, there are floating bubbles and each has a number marked on it. Your job is to tap the bubbles and cause them to inflate, increasing their numbers. The bubbles can’t touch while you are touching them, though, so the goal is to carefully inflate them so all their numbers add up to 100, but without any mistakes. With a minimalistic design and soundtrack, Hundreds is simple but beautiful, and challenging without being frustrating.

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Who’s it for? If you’re into simple, zen-like puzzle games with great design, try Hundreds.

What’s it like? Check out Quell Memento and Ending for two more smartly design puzzle titles.

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