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New Android apps worth downloading: Fotor, Sketchbook Ink, Struggle Guy

Apr 9, 2013

Today’s apps worth downloading kicks off with Fotor, a camera app combined with a photo-editing suite for creating great images. We’ve also got Sketchbook Ink, a tablet drawing app that helps users create art with a number of different options. Finally, there’s Struggle Guy, a fast-paced running game in which players use swipe controls to avoid obstacles and finish levels as quickly as possible.

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Fotor – Camera & Photo Editor (Free)

What’s it about? Fotor is a combination camera app and photo editor that helps you take great images with your Android device.

What’s cool? Android photographers will find all kinds of useful features in Fotor. Up first is the camera, which includes a burst setting, a grid overlay for better compositions, visual effects and enhancement capabilities, tilt-shift, and more. Once you’ve snapped your photo, you can make it better with Fotor’s editing capabilities, like the ability to adjust brightness and contrast, sharpness, saturation, tint and more. You can also create photo collages and albums, and share images with your friends through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

Who’s it for? Users who enjoy taking photos with their mobile devices can get more out of them with Fotor.

What’s it like? Try PicShop Photo Editor and Photoshop Touch to get more great photo editing power out of your Android devices.

Sketchbook Ink ($4.99)

What’s it about? Turn your Android tablet into a drawing pad with Sketchbook Ink, which includes a number of powerful tools for creating detailed artwork on your mobile devices.

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What’s cool? Sketchbook Ink is like having a full art kit at your fingertips, without any of the hassle of actually procuring art supplies. The app is designed specifically for Android tablets that are at least 7 inches are larger, and includes features like the ability to work on multiple layers, a color editor to create custom swatches, multiple presets for line weights, the ability to zoom in and out and more. You can save your Sketchbook projects and return to them later, or export them through email, Dropbox or an SD card so that you can access them on your other devices.

Who’s it for? Artists, try Sketchbook Ink for a portable, technological sketchpad option.

What’s it like? Draw more on your Android devices with One touch Drawing and Sketchbook Mobile.

Struggle Guy ($0.99)

What’s it about? Running title Struggle Guy is all about getting through its levels as quickly as possible, using the game’s simple touch controls to avoid obstacles along the way.

What’s cool? Struggle Guy is a 2-D running title that has players working to avoid obstacles by jumping and sliding, grabbing coins to score points along the way. Your goal in each of the game’s 32 levels is to beat the clock – instead of getting knocked out of the level when you mess up, you’re slowed down, and you can pick up speed by effectively avoiding obstacles either by swiping up to jump or down to slide. Your score is determined by how fast you get through each stage and how many coins you can grab along the way,

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Who’s it for? This one’s for players who enjoy running titles and casual games.

What’s it like? Grab Temple Run 2 or Vector for more high-speed running action.

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