New Android apps worth downloading: Flipboard and Say What Dialer updates, Dungelot | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: Flipboard and Say What Dialer updates, Dungelot

Jan 15, 2013

Flipboard, the gorgeous and recently updated news aggregation app, leads today’s list of Android apps. SayWhat Dialer is next, allowing you to add a subject line to your phone calls, followed by Dungelot, a role-playing title about exploring dungeons that is part of the “rogue-like” genre.

Flipboard update (Free)

What’s it about? News aggregator Flipboard presents all your favorite news feeds (plus social network feeds) in a magazine-style layout that’s simple and looks great.

What’s cool? Flipboard is already well-liked for being a great-looking app for reading articles and searching through things like news feeds and Twitter timelines. It’s elegant, publication-like presentation makes reading things easy, and you can also share stories from the app with your friends through social networks. The app’s latest update throws in Flipboard’s Daydream feature, with allows you to turn stories on Flipboard into a screensaver on your Android device.

Who’s it for? If you’re a fan of Flipboard’s great presentation, you’ll want to check out this update.

What’s it like? Both Pulse News and Google Reader also offer a pretty solid news-reading experience.

Say What Dialer update (Free)

What’s it about? SayWhat adds an email-style “RE:” line to your phone calls, so you and your friends know when a call is important and what it’s about before answering.

What’s cool? The spiffy thing about SayWhat Dialer is that you can screen calls and avoid arbitrary ones during important moments. The app lets you include a small text message that explains what the call is about as you place it, and you can also denote the category of call – like business, casual, pleasure, and so on. This provides other app users the benefit of knowing what calls are important and what they’re about before answering, which kind of mixes the best parts of text messaging with the personal touch of a call. Better still, the app can connect with Facebook to quickly expand your Contacts list, and its latest update has killed some bugs and added a new “Call Someone” button that lets HTC users make calls straight from the app’s main screen.

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Who’s it for? If you use your smartphone for calling people a lot (imagine that), try SayWhat Dialer.

What’s it like? For more calling capabilities, try Skype and Viber.

Dungelot ($0.99)

What’s it about? An old-school “rogue-like” role-playing title, Dungelot has players fighting monsters in dungeons.

What’s cool? Rogue-like games are known for being somewhat intense and very difficult, but Dungelot makes things a easier through simplification. The game still keeps some mainstays of the genre – namely, permanent death for your characters that results in starting the game over. But it also makes things like managing your weapons and items in your inventory easy to handle, and combat is simple and straightforward. The whole game, in which you exploring dungeons by flipping tiles to see what’s beneath them, really fits the mobile platform well.

Who’s it for? If you’re a fan of old-school rogue-like and role-playing titles, check out Dungelot.

What’s it like? The Dungeon and Spellsword can also provide some bite-sized brands of rogue-like fun.

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