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New Android apps worth downloading: Flickr update, GPS Navigation & Maps, Turbo Racing League

May 21, 2013

Today’s first app worth downloading is great for smartphone photographers. Flickr’s official Android app now comes with a terabyte of free space to use for uploading mobile images. GPS Navigation & Maps is up next and offers turn-by-turn directions and maps of the whole world. Finally, Turbo Racing League puts you in control of a high-speed snail in a 3-D racing game, and you can compete to win $1 million in a tournament hosted by Verizon.

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Flickr (Free)

What’s it about? Flickr is a photo-sharing social network with a recently revamped app that gives users a terabyte of space to save and share their images.

What’s cool? Both a space to store and share your photos, and a social network on which to view other people’s images, Flickr makes it easy to upload and share tons of images. You can see the images at full resolution, add filters, and adjust privacy settings to determine who can see them, and you can also use Flickr to browse through the photos of other users and leave comments, just like in other social networks. Best of all, you get a free terabyte of storage space to work with, you so can upload photos straight to Flickr to your heart’s content.

Who’s it for? Android photographers and Flickr web users will definitely want to make use of that terabyte of space for photo uploading.

What’s it like? Instagram and Path also make for great networks for sharing photos.

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GPS Navigation & Maps ($1.00)

What’s it about? Get all the worldwide map information you need, plus turn-by turn navigation, in GPS Navigation & Maps.

What’s cool? GPS Navigation & Maps is really two apps in one. The first offers you turn-by-turn directions with voice narration to help you get wherever it is that you’re going without the distraction of having to look at your phone, and the second provides you with tons of mapping data about the world. The map on offer is a unified map of the world, instead of lots of smaller maps, which allows you to accurately navigate just about anywhere, with no breaks in service or the ability to find where you need to go. You can also plan your routes with the app and use it offline, as well, and save destinations to a “Favorites” list for quicker navigation later.

Who’s it for? Travelers, drivers, and anyone who can use extensive GPS map data should check out GPS Navigation & Maps.

What’s it like? You can get solid navigation out of Google Maps and Maps With Me Pro, as well.

Turbo Racing League (Free)

What’s it about? Race super-fast snails in 3-D racer Turbo Racing League, and if you’re good enough, you can compete to win $1 million.

What’s cool? Turbo Racing League is a 3-D racing game in which you pilot a high-speed snail around a track, competing with other racers as you go. The game includes nine tracks and has players performing jumps and tricks as they go, and over time you can customize your snail with different items and colors to make it more unique. The game also currently has a $1 million tournament taking place, so the better times you put up on the game’s leaderboards, the better shot you have of winning. There are also additional game modes to keep you busy, even if you’re not fast enough to win the cash.

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Who’s it for? Racing fans, Turbo Racing League offers a lot of play and is great if you think you might be able to compete for some prize money, too.

What’s it like? You can get more high-speed racing action from CSR Racing and Repulze.

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