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New Android apps worth downloading: Evzdrop, Minecraft – Pocket Edition and Angry Birds Star Wars updates

Feb 1, 2013

If you’re wondering what to do and where to go this week, you might want to start by downloading Evzdrop. The app funnels social networking updates about the places around you, allowing you to create a feed of locations rather than people. We’ve also got two impressive game updates: Minecraft – Pocket Edition, which now includes baby animals, and Angry Birds Star Wars, which has 20 new levels based on the “Escape from Hoth.”

Evzdrop (Free)

What’s it about? Evzdrop is a social networking app that lets you “listen” to what’s going on in certain places, like restaurants or sports stadiums, through updates from people who are there.

What’s cool? Evzdrop finds trending or otherwise interesting places for you. Next, you can see what’s happening there by checking out the “drops” of people in those places, through status updates. Businesses can also use their drops to share information about their location to potential visitors.

Who’s it for? This app is for those who want to track down awesome hangouts nearby.

What’s it like? Both Foursquare and Yelp can help you find out what’s going on around you and show where your friends are hanging out.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition update ($6.99)

What’s it about? The mobile version of the super-popular creative indie game Minecraft continues to add features found in its PC counterpart, making the game more like the survival and building game players love.

What’s cool? Minecraft is a game where you explore a world, dig into the earth for building materials, and fight off monsters while constructing homes and castles. Minecraft – Pocket Edition has slowly evolved and is reminiscent of the PC version. The game started with “creation mode” (which allowed users to build things in the game world but not fight monsters or interact with animals) and has expanded to include more survival elements like the need to eat food. The latest update adds more signs, craftable armor, improved sky graphics, and baby animals.

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Who’s it for? If you like Minecraft or are interested in checking out a randomly generated game world that’s all about surviving and building cool things, you definitely want to try Minecraft – Pocket Edition.

What’s it like? Check out Survivalcraft for something pretty similar to the Minecraft formula, and Delver for a dungeon-crawling experience with a similar art style.

Angry Birds Star Wars update (Free)

What’s it about? Rovio Mobile keeps winking at the original Star Wars trilogy by way of Angry Birds, and the latest update to Angry Birds Star Wars adds 20 new levels.

What’s cool? When last we left Angry Birds Star Wars, Rovio had just dropped the Hoth update, which included levels crafted after the famous battle. The latest levels, dubbed “Escape From Hoth,” are modeled after that sequence, and also include two bonus levels and a boss fight to round things out.

Who’s it for? Star Wars fans, Angry Birds fans, and fans of fun – everyone should check out Rovio’s smart update to their uber-popular formula.

What’s it like? For another great take on the Angry Birds mechanics, you have to try Angry Birds Space.

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