New Android apps worth downloading: eTrizzle, Deadmau5 Live Wallpaper, Slingshot Racing | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: eTrizzle, Deadmau5 Live Wallpaper, Slingshot Racing

Feb 26, 2013

Today we have eTrizzle, an app for searching through streaming video services to find exactly what you want to watch and the best possible rental or purchase price. Following that, we’ve got Deadmau5 Live Wallpaper, a slick official live wallpaper from the musician. Finally, there’s Slingshot Racing, an intuitive racing game with simple controls that can be tough to master.

eTrizzle (Free)

What’s it about? Next time you’re looking to rent, buy or stream a video, you can use eTrizzle to find the best prices and availability.

What’s cool? As time goes on, more and more online and streaming video apps are making movies available from a variety of sources and at a variety of prices. Netfilx, Hulu, HBO Go, Blockbuster, Amazon Prime, Vudu – they all have different selections at different times, and finding what you want to watch by searching through each one can be a pain. Video app eTrizzle looks to make the search process easier by searching for you, allowing you to check through all the services at once to find the movie you want to see.

Who’s it for? If you do a lot of streaming through a lot of services, eTrizzle can make the process faster and less frustrating.

What’s it like? Apps such as Netflix, Crackle and Amazon Instant Video are great for finding and streaming video.

Deadmau5 Live Wallpaper (Free)

What’s it about? The official live wallpaper app of musician Deadmau5 brings more than just a cool background for your Android device.

What’s cool? Deadmau5’s live wallpaper app for the record “Insert Album Title Here” is packed with additional goodies. In addition to the wallpaper portion, there are also three ringtones included with the app that you can add to your Android device, which integrates notifications for calls, text messages and emails. You’ll also get lots of information about Deadmau5 as it becomes available, including tweets, concert dates, and more.

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Who’s it for? This one’s specifically geared toward Deadmau5 fans, so if you’re one, you’ll want to check it out.

What’s it like? Try Lithium Music Player for a handy means of playing your Android tracks, and for more music wallpapers, start with One Direction Live Wallpaper.

Slingshot Racing ($0.99)

What’s it about? Top-down racer Slingshot Racing isn’t about steering and braking. It’s all about using slingshot timing to launch cars around curves at breakneck speeds.

What’s cool? Racing in Slingshot Racing is both extremely easy and difficult to master. Rather than managing your throttle and braking in order to win races, you gather speed by slingshotting around posts positioned at the curves in the track. Doing so requires only one control – tap to fire a tether at a nearby post and tap again to release it. Your speed and steering are determined by your timing for releasing your tethers. Slingshot Racing also includes four-way multiplayer on a single device.

Who’s it for? Racing fans looking for a different kind of control experience should check out Slingshot Racing.

What’s it like? Slot Racing provides another simple but addicting racing experience. You might also want to check out Slingshot Racing developer Crescent Moon Games’ other titles, including Paper Monsters.

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