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New Android apps worth downloading: Edge: Quick Actions, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, Autumn Dynasty

Oct 4, 2013

We’re starting today’s Apps Worth Downloading list with an app that can help you get a little more efficiency out of your tablet or smartphone. Edge: Quick Actions lets you quickly open settings and apps you use frequently, making it a multitasker’s dream. We’ve also got two great games for the strategy-minded player: Kingdom Rush Frontiers, one of the best tower defense games on any mobile platform, and Autumn Dynasty, a real time strategy game that puts players inside Chinese paintings.

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What’s it about? Increase your Android device’s multitasking capabilities with Edge: Quick Actions, which allows you to instantly access apps and toggles you use frequently.

What’s cool? Flipping quickly between apps you use a lot and settings you need to access frequently can make using your Android device a much more efficient tool. Edge: Quick Actions allows you to save a few oft-used settings as toggle switches that you can quickly activate or deactivate, and the app makes it simple to switch between recently used apps as well. Edge is so named because it keeps all those functions at the edge of the screen and out of the way, so you can easily flip open your menu but won’t do it by accident. Just keep in mind that the app is still in beta.

Who’s it for? Android users looking for more efficiency in switching between functions should grab Edge.

What’s it like? Check out Quick Settings and Smart Quick Settings for more fast control of your Android device.


Kingdom Rush Frontiers ($1.99)

What’s it about? The latest entry in one of the best mobile tower defenses series takes players through new lands and adds more towers and heroes to take into battle.

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What’s cool? Kingdom Rush set a standard in mobile tower defense games, marrying the strategy inherent in building the right towers in the right places in its many levels, with the fast-twitch reaction that lets players reinforce their troops or drop meteors on tougher enemies. In Kingdom Rush Frontiers, the things that made Kingdom Rush great are back, but with more additions and new levels. The game comes with a number of new top-tier towers for players to unlock and use against enemies, as well as various hero characters that can be placed on the battlefield to give players an edge. There are also new enemies and new challenges throughout the game to satisfy your tower defense bloodlust.

Who’s it for? If you enjoy tower defense titles, and especially Kingdom Rush, you’ll want to grab this sequel.

What’s it like? Definitely worth grabbing is Kingdom Rush, as well as developer Ironhide’s other game, Clash of Olympians.

Autumn Dynasty ($4.99)

What’s it about? Real time strategy title Autumn Dynasty takes place within Chinese paintings, and lets players use touch and swipe controls like brush strokes to send their forces into battle.

What’s cool? Like other real time strategy titles, Autumn Dynasty is a game in which players raise armies by constructing buildings, and then command their various forces in battle. Your job as a general is to use gesture-based controls that are meant to feel like the brush strokes of painting, to go along with the game’s painterly aesthetic. You’ll “paint” orders onto the battlefield as you send forces into the fray across a full single-player campaign. Autumn Dynasty includes four different AI difficulty levels to challenge you, and you can unlock different strategems through the course of the game to gain an advantage over the enemy.

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Who’s it for? Fans of real time strategy and interesting art direction will want to have a look at Autumn Dynasty.

What’s it like? There’s more great RTS action in Battleheart and First Wood War.

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