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New Android apps worth downloading: eBay update, The Car Connection, Rage of the Gladiator

Jun 18, 2013

Today’s apps worth downloading start with a couple that might help you save, or make, some money. First is an update to eBay, the online auction site whose app has gotten lots of new features and refinements for sellers to make their stuff available to buyers. Up next is The Car Connection, an app with tons of info for finding the right car for you. Finally, Rage of the Gladiator puts you in the shoes of a warrior fighting off monsters, magicians and more in a first-person action game.

eBay update (Free)

What’s it about? Get access to online auction site eBay and all its features for buyers and sellers with its Android app.

What’s cool? eBay is a great way to buy and sell stuff that’s harder to come by in traditional stores (or just that you want or don’t want, as the case may be), and its Android app makes the process easy even if you’re away from your computer. You can search for items, make bids, complete transactions and do anything else you might as a buyer, including messaging sellers. On the sales side, eBay lets you monitor your auctions, interact with buyers, and post listings easily with photos from your Android device. The app’s new update adds tablet support and brings a new layout to the seller experience, and throws in new preview options and the like for when you’re setting up your listings.

Who’s it for? If you ever use eBay for buying and selling, the Android app is a must to keep on top of all your auctions.

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What’s it like? Get eBay’s RedLaser app for barcode comparison capabilities.

The Car Connection (Free)

What’s it about? Research and shop for cars wherever you are with The Car Connection, which brings the experience of its website to your Android device.

What’s cool? If you’re in the market for a new car, The Car Connection is an app that can help you. It’s filled with information about different brands of cars, including reviews that give you an idea as to their quality and specs. The Car Connection includes info about tons of car brands, makes and models, and includes full reviews as well as snapshot information to help you make your decisions, and images to help as well. The app also pipes in news coverage from the auto industry and can connect you with local dealerships when you’re ready to go shop.

Who’s it for? Anyone in the market for a new car who wants to make an informed decision should check out The Car Connection.

What’s it like? Grab and for more info, reviews and comparisons.


Rage of the Gladiator (Free)

What’s it about? First-person action game Rage of the Gladiator sees players battling against a host of enemies in the arena, taking down each with a number of different kinds of attacks.

What’s cool? Rage of the Gladiator sees you step into an arena armed with your wits, a warhammer and a shield, and tasked with beating back various foes of a magical persuasion. Each battle throws a new foe your way, and you’ll need to make use of your defenses and tactical movements in order to defeat them. As you play, you’ll gain new abilities and moves, like magic spells and high-powered attacks to use against your enemies.

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Who’s it for? Fans of action games with high-quality graphics and production values will enjoy Rage of the Gladiator.

What’s it like? Other solid action games include Wild Blood and The Dark Knight Rises.

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