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New Android apps worth downloading: Dropbox update, Moxtra, Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf

Nov 20, 2013

Sharing documents and collaborating with others is the name of the game on today’s Apps Worth Downloading list. First up, we have Dropbox, a cloud-based storage solution that lets you upload files to the cloud and access them from your Android device, or share them with others, to let you work with others from anywhere. In a similar vein is Moxtra, a collaboration app that lets you share documents, annotate them, and create meetings and chats so that everyone has the same info at the same time. Finally, in the games department comes Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf, a gamebook-style title that lets players choose how a narrative unfolds, but which also includes 3-D interactive portions for combat and more.

The Forest of Doom.

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