New Android apps worth downloading: DirecTV for Tablets, Credit Karma, Squids Wild West | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: DirecTV for Tablets, Credit Karma, Squids Wild West

Mar 12, 2013

Tap into your DirecTV subscription no matter where you are with the help of today’s leading fresh app, DirecTV for Tablets. It lets you stream shows from DirecTV as well as set up your DVR, no matter where you are. We’ve also got Credit Karma, an app that gives you information about your credit score, and Squids Wild West, a physics-based strategy role-playing title.

DirecTV for Tablets (Free)

What’s it about? DirecTV for Tablets turns your Android tab into another TV, allowing you to watch select channels at home in any room, and even on the go.

What’s cool? DirecTV subscribers can make full use of their Android tablets with the help of the service’s newly launched tablet app. The app allows you to stream some shows and channels to your tablet, and it also works as a remote for setting up your DVR even when you’re not at home. You can browse through program information, check out channels and show listings, and find out “What’s Hot” on DirecTV. Better still, the app packs all kinds of info and scores about various sports teams, and supports all kids’ channels are covered in the app, making DirecTV good for trips and other situations in which kids might get a little bored.

Who’s it for? You have to be a DirecTV subscriber to make use of DirecTV for Tablets.

What’s it like? You might also try apps such as HBO Go and TWC TV for more streaming TV content.

Also on Android Apps

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Credit Karma Mobile (Free)

What’s it about? Credit Karma is a credit report app that lets you get hold of your own credit report information quickly, easily, and most of all, free.

What’s cool? There’s not a whole lot to Credit Karma, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. The app is great for getting information about your credit report for free – which you’re entitled to by law, but which can be kind of a pain to actually track down. Credit Karma makes the process a whole lot easier by making it easy to get hold of your credit score for free. The app also helps by giving you access to your credit report and giving you notifications about changes to your score.

Who’s it for? Anybody who could benefit from checking out their credit report should give Credit Karma a look.

What’s it like? Try if you need a credit score alternatives.

Squids Wild West ($1.99)

What’s it about? Strategy role-playing title Squids Wild West has players taking control of a group of squids, fighting through different battles by flinging squids around the battlefield.

What’s cool? Fighting through the story of Squids Wild West has players using slingshot mechanics to actually fire characters at the bad guys. Each of your squid characters has a different ability and can be used in different situations to battle bad guys, but primarily you’ll be aiming and bouncing your squids off enemies to deal damage. You’ll build up a group of more than 12 playable characters as you work through Squids Wild West’s story, and you’ll be able to customize your characters as well with new hats that convey different attributes.

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Who’s it for? Fans of role-playing titles and strategy games should give Squids Wild West a try.

What’s it like? You should also try the original Squids, as well as Great Big War Game.

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