New Android apps worth downloading: Dialapp: Context-Aware Dialer, imo messenger update, The Silent Age | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: Dialapp: Context-Aware Dialer, imo messenger update, The Silent Age

Jul 6, 2013

Start your week with a pair of messaging apps that can make your life a little easier. Up first is Dialapp, which pays attention to who you call and when and provides you the contacts you use most at a given time of day or location. Following that is imo messenger, an app that provides text messaging, voice and group calls, and even location sharing. Finally, point-and-click adventure title The Silent Age takes players to the 1970s for a time-traveling story of a janitor who becomes an unlikely hero.

Dialapp: Context-Aware Dialer (Free)

What’s it about? Dialapp pays attention to who you call, when and how often, and uses that information to provide you quick dialing options by predicting who you want to talk to.

What’s cool? People tend to call the same people at the same times of day and from the same locations. Dialapp uses the context of when you’re calling people to make predictions about who it is you want to talk to and when, eliminating the lengthy contacts lists or speed dial saves you might have in favor of the two or three people you tend to call in those contexts. The result is your phone providing you the people you’re most likely to call when you’re at home at night, at work during the day, or where or whenever. And of course, you can always pull up the rest of your contacts to call people outside of the usual context.

Who’s it for? If you’re looking for your phone to be a little smarter about who you call, check out Dialapp.

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What’s it like? Angel Dialer and Speed Dial both offer dialing alternatives.

Imo messenger update (Free)

What’s it about? Make free voice calls, send text messages and more with imo messenger.

What’s cool? Getting in touch with people is made a little easier with imo messenger, which provides users with lots of options about how they contact people, and uses the Internet to keep things free. You can make voice calls and send voice messages, share photos with groups and send group messages, and even find and meet new people based on your interests. Imo also supports things like multimedia attachments and location sharing, and its latest update adds lots of bug fixes and user interface improvements to make the app work even better.

Who’s it for? Users looking for more options in contacting friends, family or whoever should grab imo messenger.

What’s it like? You might also use Tango or what’s app messenger for more contact options.

The Silent Age (Free)

What’s it about? Drop into the role of a janitor in the 1970s who finds himself thrown through time in point-and-click title The Silent Age.

What’s cool? Adventure title The Silent Age puts players in the role of Joe, a painfully average janitor who works a dead-end job in a government building and allows people to take advantage of him. One day, while cleaning in the secret government labs, he is confronted by a man who pleads with him to save the world. The man gives Joe a time travel device, and suddenly this average man is thrust into a story in which he must save the world. Like other point-and-click games, players mus solve puzzles in The Silent Age by finding objects and using them in the right contexts, and by paying attention and gathering information about the world around them.

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Who’s it for? Adventure game fans, The Silent Age has a cool art style and an interesting story to tell.

What’s it like? Another World and Broken Sword are two titles with similar mechanics to The Silent Age, and cool stories to tell as well.

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