New Android apps worth downloading: Cloud Print, StudyBlue, Beejumbled | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: Cloud Print, StudyBlue, Beejumbled

Jun 17, 2013

Google’s newly released Cloud Print app lets Android users send documents and photos to their Wi-Fi connected printers. It’s a handy app that’s usefulness propelled it to the lead position on today’s Apps Worth Downloading list. Following Cloud Print is StudyBlue, an app for making study flashcards and connecting with other students to help maximize study efficiency. Finally, Beejumbled puts a new twist on Boggle-like word scramble games.

Cloud Print (Free)

What’s it about? Google’s Cloud Print app is finally here, allowing users to print from their Android devices to printers connected to their Wi-Fi networks.

What’s cool? At its simplest, Google’s Cloud Print lets users connect a printer to a Wi-Fi network, hook it up with Cloud Print, and then send print jobs to it from any Android device connected to that network. It’s a principle other apps have handled in the past, but Google’s version brings the company’s classic simple and elegant app design along with it. You can monitor your print jobs from the app to see how they’re doing, and send documents and images from your device’s Gallery for printing quickly and easily.

Who’s it for? If you’ve got printers you can access on your Wi-Fi network and want an easy way to print from your phone or tablet, Google has provided it.

What’s it like? Other cloud printing apps include HP e-Print and Cloud Print from developer Paulo Fernandez.

StudyBlue (Free)

What’s it about? Study app StudyBlue allows students to make flashcards to make studying easier, and includes a number of other features to help them be successful in school.

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What’s cool? Studying efficiently and effectively is one of the toughest skills to learn in school, and StudyBlue aims to help students with that issue by making it easy for them to create flashcards that can help. You can snap a photo of an item and record your own information about it to create a card, and then use that card to help you remember what you need to know. The app includes stats that let you focus on what you’re struggling with over what you already know, and you can also search online for flashcards from other students. The app even includes a messaging feature, so you can use it with other students in your class and help each other study better.

Who’s it for? StudyBlue is specifically aimed at students, but anyone who needs to study particular information can get some use out of it. Just note you’ll need to create a free account on to use the app.

What’s it like? Check out Flashcards and RU Studying Custom Flashcards for some studying alternatives.

Beejumbled (Free)

What’s it about? Beejumbled is a word game in which players find words in a jumble of letters and earn points for creating specific ones.

What’s cool? Beejumbled isn’t unlike titles such as Boggle, in which players are handed a pile of letters and asked to create words out of them by linking adjacent letter tiles together. In Beejumbled, however, the interesting twist comes from which “bees” you choose as your characters in each round. Like other word titles, you get extra points for making longer words, but you also score more if you adhere to your bee’s special ability – one gives more points with words containing the letter “k,” for example, while another might add points for words that end in “ick.” There’s also a head-to-head multiplayer mode and weekly tournaments to keep you engaged in the larger competition.

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Who’s it for? Fans of word games and jumbles will find some interesting new takes on those games in Beejumbled.

What’s it like? As mentioned, Boggle is another title with an angle on word scrambles, and you’ll find some other cool ideas in W.E.L.D.E.R.

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