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New Android apps worth downloading: Clipless, Reaper, Quell Memento

Sep 12, 2013

If you’re looking for great local deals, a new action RPG, or a brilliant puzzle game, you’ve come to the right daily list. Clipless is a new app for helping you find local sales and deals every day. Reaper is a new hack and slash action RPG from one of my favorite mobile developers. And Quell Memento is the latest in a long line of stylish and refined zen puzzlers.

Clipless (Free)

What’s it about? The coupon clipping days of the past are over thanks to apps like Clipless, which find all the best deals in your area for you. No scissors required.

What’s cool? Granted, actual coupon clipping has been on the decline ever since online shopping became a thing, but apps like this are still nice to have. Using a massive database of deal providers to make one of the most comprehensive deal feeds around, Clipless will actually find deals and sales based on your own location. The location services use the minimal required resources to help save your battery life, and there are other settings to help with that as well, such as “run at boot” instead of “run at startup.” It can be a little buggy, and not work well with certain regions, but it’s still neat. Get out there and get saving.

Who’s it for? People looking explicitly for sales and deals are brick and mortar stores near them.

What’s it like? The massive one would be Groupon. Another app for finding discounts based on your location is LivingSocial.

Reaper (Free)

What’s it about? A brand new hack and slash game from one of the best game developers on mobile, Hexage.

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What’s cool? It’s no secret from my past writings that I am a huge fanboy of developer Hexage. Their games are always simple, well designed, and made with a unique style. Their games have also gotten larger and more complex over the years, culminating in Reaper, an excellent hack and slash side-scrollerfull of weapons, armor, and accessories to find and unlock, plus other RPG elements. The game is only free up to character level 10 before you’ll need to upgrade to a premium version, but that’s a nice extended demo. The game even supports HID game controllers if you’ve got them. Don’t skip this one.

Who’s it for? Fans of action RPG’s or hack and slash games. People who like unique art styles.

What’s it like? Third Blade is a massive hack and slash action RPG from Com2Us. You can also check out Spell Sword.

Quell Memento (Free)

What’s it about? One of the most elegant and beautiful zen puzzle game series around, the Quell games have just received a great new sequel.

What’s cool? At their core, the Quell games are simple spatial awareness logic puzzles that ask you to get your piece to the end of a level, though whenever you move in any direction, you’ll move until you strike something else, as if on ice. Memento adds tons of great new features, from laser mechanics to blocks that you must change color by moving alongside them, plus plenty of unique others. There is some re-used stuff from the first two games, but only for the sake of player learning, and a balanced difficulty curve. With a great art style, a great new soundtrack, and even a story to discover, it can’t be beat.

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Who’s it for? Puzzle game fanatics who enjoy a sense of style and class.

What’s it like? Quell or Quell Reflect are the predecessors to this game. You can also check out Orbox C

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