New Android apps worth downloading: Clinch - Automatic Video Editor, Pushover, LEGO DUPLO Train | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: Clinch – Automatic Video Editor, Pushover, LEGO DUPLO Train

Aug 27, 2013

Today’s group of apps worth downloading starts with Clinch, a video editing tool that automatically edits elements together that you choose from a variety of sources. Up next is Pushover, an app for creating Push notifications on your device for services such as If This Then That. Finally, LEGO DUPLO Train is an app for kids that lets them control and drive a train, or just make stuff with virtual LEGO blocks.

Clinch – Automatic Video Editor (Free)

What’s it about? Quickly create videos from photos and videos on your device and clips from around the Internet using Clinch.

What’s cool? Clinch allows users to quickly create movies by editing together lots of different bits of content from lots of different sources. The app allows you to quickly upload videos and images you shoot with your Android device and add things like captions, and you can also plug in clips and images from Twitter and Instagram, and even panoramic views from Google. The app also lets you collaborate with friends by adding their clips and images to your final product. Once you’ve got your raw material, Clinch automatically searches for the best parts and edits them together to create a movie, adding filters and transitions itself. The app is great for when you and your friends all attend an event together, because the app can cut together everyone’s footage and images and automatically make a collaborative project.

Who’s it for? If you want to make movies from the things you shoot on your Android device, without having to do the editing work yourself, try Clinch.

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What’s it like? Try Krowds and Socialcam for more video recording and sharing capabilities.

Pushover (Free)

What’s it about? Integrate apps and services and create push notifications for your Android device with Pushover.

What’s cool? Pushover allows you to create Push notifications that show up on your Android device for a number of different apps, services, scripts and more. The app integrates with a number of different services and other systems from the Internet, allowing you to create Push notifications from services such as If This Then That, eBay, network systems like Nagios and more. The app also includes lock screen widgets and home screen widgets so you can more easily access your notifications and the services that go with them.

Who’s it for? Users who use lots of different online systems and who want notifications on their phones should check out Pushover.

What’s it like? More Push notification services are available in Samsung Push Service.

LEGO DUPLO Train (Free)

What’s it about? Kids take on the role of train conductor in LEGO DUPLO Train and also allows them to build things using virtual blocks.

What’s cool? LEGO DUPLO Train combines building with LEGO blocks with the ability to conduct and run a train, making it a great game for kids. Kids playing DUPLO Train drive their train, which is made of LEGO blocks, through various locales, controlling things like dumping in cargo, building bridges, and laying new tracks. Kids can also just mess around with virtual blocks to build things and express their creativity. Best of all, DUPLO Train is designed without in-app purchases or ads, which allows parents to let kids use it without having to worry about them getting into trouble.

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Who’s it for? DUPLO Train is specifically built for kids between 1 and 5 years old.

What’s it like? Check out more great LEGO apps for kids, like LEGO App 4+ and LEGO DUPLO Zoo.

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