New Android apps worth downloading: Clean Master and Gilt updates, Attack of the Wall Street Titan | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: Clean Master and Gilt updates, Attack of the Wall Street Titan

May 21, 2013

Make sure the files you delete from your Android device stay deleted with Clean Master, today’s first app worth downloading. It just received a big update that will make Snapchat users happy – it helps clear out unwanted photos. Gilt, the app to go along with the shopping site, offers convenient clothing shopping at a discount. Finally, Attack of the Wall Street Titan puts you in the role of a pixelated giant robot who wreaks havoc on Wall Street.

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Clean Master update (Free)

What’s it about? Clean Master helps you clear out things like your Android device’s app cache, removing unused files and unwanted apps, among other things.

What’s cool? It can be tough to make sure that everything you might delete on your Android device, be it an app, a photo, or anything in between, is ever truly deleted. What’s more, sometimes files and other things from deleted programs are missed and stick around on your device, clogging it up. Clean Master makes it possible to get rid of all that stuff and make sure your device is cleared of extra stuff you don’t need. Its latest update makes it highly useful for Snapchat users by making sure that the photos you share through that app – which supposedly were deleted after a certain amount of time or viewings – really are gone off your phone.

Who’s it for? Whether you want to keep private things private and make sure they’re deleted, or just keep your Android device running in its best shape by clearing it of unwanted stuff, Clean Master can help.

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What’s it like? You might also try Clean Memory Cleaner and 1-touch Cleaner for your Android memory needs.

Gilt update (Free)

What’s it about? Shopping app Gilt brings you a huge catalog of clothes for women, men and kids, with exclusive app discounts.

What’s cool? Gilt makes shopping for things like clothes and gifts a whole lot easier than visiting real stores by bringing its catalog of products to you. The cool thing about the app is its sales – there are constantly new sales going up, and the app can provide you with notifications for all of them if you so desire. Prices are already discounted through the app, and Gilt provides some Android-exclusive bonus offers as well. You can easily search for what you want by size, color and category, and completing a purchase sets it to be shipped to you straight away with no extra effort on your part. Gilt’s new update totally redesigns its app for easier navigation and viewing, so it should be a snap to use.

Who’s it for? Fans of Gilt’s website should check out the prices and deals available through its mobile app.

What’s it like? Get more fashion-forward shopping (and maybe some savings) from Gap and HauteLook.

Attack of the Wall Street Titan (Free)

What’s it about? Terrorize  Wall Street on behalf of the 99 percent as a giant robot in Attack of the Wall Street Titan.

What’s cool? The Wall Street Titan, a giant robot originally created to subjugate the masses, has been reprogrammed and set against its creators in Attack of the Wall Street Titan, and you are that giant robot. The game, which is mostly pretty simple, requires you to tap around various locales, taking out police and cars, grabbing power ups, and basically causing pixelated mayhem. You’ll need to use physics to be effective and keep your scores running high, and you can snag crazy power-ups to make you even more powerful and protect you from all the people who want to get in the way of your path of destruction.

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Who’s it for? Though it lightly goofs on both Occupy Wall Street and the “1 percent,” if you enjoy smashing things with your giant robot fingers, you’ll like this one.

What’s it like? Check out Pocket God and Babel Rising for more fun smashing things with your finger.

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