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New Android apps worth downloading: CanWeNetwork, Google+ update, Catapult King

Mar 27, 2013

Set yourself all kinds of useful reminders with today’s leading fresh app, Rethink. The app lets you set contextual reminds, which send you notifications to buy something when you walk into the right store or message someone when you open up your email. We’ve also got Qustodio Parental Controls, an app that helps you keep track of (and block) what your kids are doing on their mobile devices. Finally, there’s Ravensword: Shadowlands, a 3-D role-playing title with some awesome graphics.

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CanWeNetwork (Free)

What’s it about? CanWeNetwork leverages your social networks to help you expand your business network, tracking down like-minded folks near you who might make good contacts and putting you in touch.

What’s cool? Tracking down new people to meet and to add to your network of business contacts can be tough, but with social networks, there’s already a whole lot of information out there about you and the people around you. CanWeNetwork grabs that information by linking to your LinkedIn profile, and those of other users, and finds people who it thinks would be compatible with you and who have similar goals for networking, then puts you in contact. The idea is that with the help of CanWeNetwork doing some searching and screening for you, you can expand your professional network with people already all around you.

Who’s it for? Professionals looking to meet more people and do more networking should try CanWeNetwork.

Google+ update (Free)

What’s it about? Google’s social network answer to Facebook brings the ability to post lots of different media like videos and photos, as well as integration with chat and the ability to create Google Hangouts.

What’s cool? Tracking Social networking on Google+ has a few cool benefits over other networks such as Facebook, most notably the ability to tie into other Google features like YouTube and Hangouts. The network’s Android app is also pretty handy, allowing users to post items like pictures and videos, access profiles, search through friends and strike up group chats. The app’s latest update adds a few more features, like new photo and video filters for posting things to your profile, video chat with up to nine people through Google Hangouts, and the ability to automatically sync up any photos you snap with your Android device straight to your Google+ profile.

Who’s it for? Social network fans with a Google slant should find a lot of useful features in the Google+ Android app.

What’s it like? Check out Instagram for more photo sharing and filters, as well as that old favorite, Facebook.

Catapult King (Free)

What’s it about? Take down castles and fortresses with the power of your catapult in Catapult King, which imagines games such as Angry Birds from a 3-D perspective.

What’s cool? Catapult King is a pretty simple premise: you use your touch controls to determine the power and aim of a catapult, and then use it to take down structures and enemies in the distance to earn points. Imagine playing Angry Birds from the perspective of the slingshot and you’ll have a solid idea of what to expect. You can also find power-ups that make your catapult more effective, and use various kinds of different projectiles to help you in different situations and against lots of different kinds of fortresses.

Who’s it for? For a different take on titles that use similar mechanics to Angry Birds, try Catapult King.

What’s it like? Angry Birds is a good place to start, and Siege Hero will give you another take on the third-person perspective with similar mechanics.

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