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New Android apps worth downloading: CallSnap, BOINC, The Walking Dead: Assault

Jul 24, 2013

Today’s Apps Worth Downloading starts with CallSnap, an app for ignoring phone calls you don’t want to answer. Well, actually, the app is for sending photos of what you’re doing to whoever’s calling you, making it easy to explain why it’s too loud during a concert or you’re in the middle of a game to take a call. Up next is BOINC, a research app that uses your device’s idle computing power to assist in scientific projects (without draining your battery or running up your bills). Finally, The Walking Dead: Assault puts players in a strategy game based on the hit comic to fight off zombies and scavenge for supplies.

CallSnap (Free)

What’s it about? Answer incoming calls with something a little quicker and more informative than a text or pushing to voice mail when you can’t talk with CallSnap.

What’s cool? Sometimes, phone calls just come at inopportune times – like at a concert or in a noisy bar. In those situations, you’ll often need to cancel the call, send it to voice mail, and respond with a text message or the like, which is a process that can take a lot of your attention away from what’s going on. CallSnap simplifies the process by allowing you to quickly respond to an incoming call with a picture, rather than going through all the motions of firing off a text message or what have you. You can also quickly and easily answer calls if you’d rather, or reject them as normal, or pull photos from your device’s photo library to send instead.

Who’s it for? Anyone looking for a social way of skipping out on incoming calls, try CallSnap.

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What’s it like? Try Tango and ooVoo Video Call for two more apps that provide potential communication options.

BOINC (Free)

What’s it about? Use your smartphone or tablet to help with scientific research using Boinc, which uses your device’s idle computational power – for science!

What’s cool? Researchers at the University of Berkeley already use idle desktop computers connected to the Internet to help them with a number of different projects. Whether it’s scanning the night sky for pulsars or to study diseases, complicated research projects require a whole lot of computing power to conduct – so researchers split the job up across lots of different systems when no one is using them. BOINC does the same thing with your smartphone or tablet, using the idle computing power to help advance scientific research. You can choose which projects in which to participate, and the app only uses your device when it’s plugged in (to avoid running your battery) and connected to a Wi-Fi network (to avoid running up your data bill).

Who’s it for? If you’re interested in helping advance scientific knowledge (and who isn’t?), grab BOINC and start helping.

What’s it like? Sate your appetite for more science with Scientific Research, the app version of a scientific journal, and

The Walking Dead: Assault ($2.99)

What’s it about? Based on the extremely popular zombie comic series, The Walking Dead Assault is a top-down strategy game in which players try to stay alive amid the zombie apocalypse.

What’s cool? The dead are walking and you need to move quickly and carefully to survive in The Walking Dead: Assault. The game riffs on the universe created in the comic series of the same name, putting players in control of characters such as police officers Rick and Shane, or any of a number of other survivors. Your goal in each stage is to build a team of four survivors and move them through the level, fighting off zombies, scavenging for supplies, rescuing other people and more. You’ll need to weigh your decisions carefully – should you risk an up-close encounter with a zombie or use a gun, knowing you might draw more walkers? The game also includes exclusive The Walking Dead bonus content just for players.

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Who’s it for? If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, Assault makes good use of the comics’ aesthetic and characters.

What’s it like? For more cool zombie story action, grab Into the Dead and Zombies, Run!.

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