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New Android apps worth downloading: Burpple, MoviePass, Guns 4 Hire

Feb 6, 2013

Start today with some good foodie advice from Burpple, a combination food diary and social network for finding delicious eats. The official app of theater subscription service MoviePass is next, giving you access to your account and yet another option for snagging movie tickets. Finally comes Guns 4 Hire, a top-down shooter with squad-based tactics and lots of explosions!

Burpple (Free)

What’s it about? Love sharing your food through social networks? Burpple’s all about that, allowing you to recommend and learn about new foods from a community of culinary enthusiasts.

What’s cool? Burpple lets you share what you’re eating and includes details explaining when, where and what, and keeps track of it all to create a “food journal” out of your posts for you. It connects directly with Instagram for quick photo uploading and also makes it finding food recommendations pretty simple.

Who’s it for? If you like food, talking about food, and sharing your food opinions, you’ll want to get Burpple.

What’s it like? Get more food sharing from Yummy Food, and keep track of your meals with Food Diary.

MoviePass (Free)

What’s it about? The official app of movie theater subscription service MoviePass is now available for Android devices.

What’s cool? With MoviePass, you pay a monthly fee to see unlimited movies in theaters near you, and the newly released Android app makes keeping up with your subscription a snap.The app lets you see what’s leading at the box office, what’s showing at participating local theaters, and displays your cinema-going history. You can even connect and share with friends, as well as pin down showtimes and make plans for a night at the cinema.

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Who’s it for? Subscribers to MoviePass should obviously check out the app, but if you’re a movie buff, you might want to consider a subscription.

What’s it like? Movies by Flixster can feed your need for movie info, and Fandango can help get you to theaters and buy tickets.

Guns 4 Hire (Free)

What’s it about? Take on the role of a mercenary squad and take down as many bad guys as you can in Guns 4 Hire, a top-down shooter.

What’s cool? Guns 4 Hire gives players control of a four-man squad of mercs, each with a different specialization. Your goal in each level is to take down all the bad guys you can, utilizing your various skills and weaponry. You’ll earn money for successfully beating down the enemy, as well as access to new weapons like mines, tanks, explosives, and artillery. Guns 4 Hire includes a lot of upgrades, which means you’ll be spending time outfitting your team with the best gear you can get a hold of to make them more battle-ready. The whole thing is free-to-play, which means it includes micro-transactions, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Who’s it for? Shooter fans, check out Guns 4 Hire for its squad-based take on the action.

What’s it like? Gun Bros. Multiplayer is another solid free-to-play shooter from a top-down perspective, this time pitting players against one another.

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