New Android apps worth downloading: Burner - Disposable Numbers, Cinemagram, Scribblenauts Remix | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: Burner – Disposable Numbers, Cinemagram, Scribblenauts Remix

Apr 11, 2013

Keep your real phone number private with the help of Burner, today’s first app worth downloading. It provides a phone number that you can use to call out or receive calls, but which you can delete when you’re done with it. Cinemagram is up next and lets users create videos and animated GIFs with their Android devices. Finally, there’s Scribblenauts Remix, a puzzle-platform game (available on the Amazon Appstore) that encourages you to solve its levels by typing in words, which creates objects out of thin air.

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Burner – Disposable Numbers (Free)

What’s it about? If you ever find yourself needing a disposable phone number, Burner has you covered, making it easy to get phone numbers you can give out or utilize once, then discard.

What’s cool? Burner helps you protect your privacy by giving you temporary phone numbers that you can give to people you’ve just met or use without having to make use of your own phone number. The app lets you make calls as well as receive them, and also supports voicemail for your disposable numbers as well. Your first Burner number is free, and you can purchase more as you need them, or earn extras for recommending the app to friends.

Who’s it for? Anyone who can make use of extra phone numbers, for dating or anything else, should check out Burner.

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What’s it like? Grab Disposal Burner Phone Number for more single-use numbers, and Tango for a voice-over-Internet phone-calling alternative.

Cinemagram (Free)

What’s it about? Video app Cinemagram allows users to create and share videos or animated gifs images.

What’s cool? Making the leap from iOS to Android, Cinemagram brings users the ability to make and share quick, short videos with one another across social networks. You can create both videos and animated gif images to share, and make adjustments to speed or use various filters and special effects to make your images videos more exciting. You can also send messages through Cinemagram’s social network, or like or leave comments on the posts and videos other people share.

Who’s it for? Users who like to share gifs and record videos with their Android devices will get some mileage out of Cinemagram.

What’s it like? Check out Keek and Qik Video for more means of sharing videos across social networks.

Scribblenauts Remix (Amazon Appstore, $0.99)

What’s it about? Another app that made its way from Apple’s iTunes App Store to Android, Scribblenauts Remix is part platforming adventure title, and part innovative puzzler.

What’s cool? Players in Scribblenauts Remix adventure through the game’s levels and often face puzzles that require certain objects or abilities to solve. In order to get through those puzzles or beyond various obstacles, you can create objects in Scribblenauts by typing in words. Typing in “sailboat” can provide you with a vessel to traverse lakes, while typing in “books” can help you solve a puzzle regarding outfitting students with school supplies. Scribblenauts includes 50 levels to play through and various unlockable avatars that let you take new characters through the game. Worth noting again that this one is currently exclusive to the Amazon Appstore.

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Who’s it for? Anyone who enjoys imaginative puzzle games will find something to enjoy in Scribblenauts.

What’s it like? You can find more word games in Spelltower and more puzzle-platforming in Babylonian Twins.

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