New Android apps worth downloading: BBC Weather, The Tapping Dead, Indiana Stone | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: BBC Weather, The Tapping Dead, Indiana Stone

Jun 13, 2013

Today’s batch of apps starts out with an all new weather app, brought to us by the BBC. You can check out the weather with this slick new forecaster, and if it happens to be a rainy day, you can stay in and play The Tapping Dead, a one button puzzle platformer with zombies. A whole lot of zombies. Or, you could play as a vengeance seeking boulder in Indiana Stone, a clever role reversal on a few classic tropes, including endless runner gameplay.

BBC Weather (Free)

What’s it about? An all new weather forecast app brought to us by the BBC. Yes, it forecasts internationally.

What’s cool? Chances are you have a weather app that you’re happy with by now, but BBC Weather might still be worth your while. For one thing, it’s one of the slickest looking weather apps around, with a really nice, clean interface. Otherwise, it’s just a really solid app, with features like TalkBack text to speech support, and the ability to easily access your favorite locations. If you happen to be a United Kingdom dwelling fellow, you get hourly forecasts rather than the three hour international wait. It still needs a bit of work, but this is a well designed app suitable for pretty much anyone.

Who’s it for? People who have yet to download a third party weather application. People from the UK.

What’s it like? AccuWeather offers a more detailed take on weather reporting. For more TV to app adaptations, The Weather Channel is also an OK option.

The Tapping Dead (Free)

What’s it about? A one touch 16 bit puzzle/platformer with loads of levels and even more zombies.

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What’s cool? This retro blooded title oozes pixilated goodness from every decomposing pore. It’s a one button game that has you auto-running through a level, climbing ladders and jumping gaps all automatically. All you really do, at first anyway, is stop yourself by tapping and holding  the screen, avoiding the zombie enemy patterns and getting through each room. It starts out a bit slow, and a lot of people might find it a bit too non-participatory for their own enjoyment, but if you can get past that and make some progress, the game really opens up.

Who’s it for? Anyone who likes simple but clever one button game concepts. The minority of people who aren’t sick of zombie games yet.

What’s it like? Relic Rush was the first game of this type. One Tap Hero offers similar one touch puzzle platforming goodness.

Indiana Stone ($2.99)

What’s it about? Have you ever wanted to play as the big boulder that chases Indiana Jones through the temple? Yeah, I didn’t realize that I’ve always wanted to either. Until now, anyway.

What’s cool? In a clever twist on common endless running tropes, for once you get to play as the temple guarding booby trap and you have to chase down those disrespectful grave robbing archeologist jerks. With multiple game modes, from story to endless and even special challenges, there are plenty of ways to save your temple’s idol from their grubby hands. The blocky visual style really pops and makes the game stand out, from one exotic locale to the next. TwinSky Games has something of a gem here.

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Who’s it for? People who want a new twist on their endless runner. Anyone who loves ‘rolling’ and ‘rock’ related puns.

What’s it like? Temple Run 2, but reversed. Ball of Woe also makes good use of rolling mechanics in a super bizarre but entertaining game, reminiscent of Marble Blast Ultra.

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