New Android apps worth downloading: Airbnb and Glympse updates, Dots: A Game About Connecting | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: Airbnb and Glympse updates, Dots: A Game About Connecting

Aug 20, 2013

Get set for your next trip with Airbnb, our first app worth downloading today. The app lets you connect with other users to either let them rent a space you have available, or rent places when you travel, rather than grab a hotel room. We’ve also got Glympse, an app for sharing your location securely with other people. Finally, there’s Dots, a title that requires players to strategize how best to clear a grid full of colored dots by connecting them quickly and efficiently.

Airbnb update (Free)

What’s it about? Find great places to stay around the world with the help of the huge community of people willing to rent space to be found in Airbnb.

What’s cool? Airbnb isn’t an app for finding hotel accommodations – it’s designed instead to provide a community and marketplace to connect people looking for spaces to rent when traveling with people who have spaces they’re looking to fill. The app lets you search in a variety of cities around the world to find places to stay, from spare rooms to whole houses and more. The app covers 30,000 different cities and includes capabilities like finding places to stay on the same night for renters, and, for property owners, seeing when users check in and check out, tracking the calendar for your property. The new Airbnb update throws in a new Wishlist feature for finding the places you want to stay, and an Instant Booking feature for quickly making reservations.

Who’s it for? If you want to find a place to stay that’s potentially a lot more unique than a hotel room, try Airbnb.

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What’s it like? For some lodgings alternatives, try and Hipmunk Flights and Hotels.

Glympse update (Free)

What’s it about? Safely share your location with other users to help them find where you are or meet up with you later using Glympse.

What’s cool? Not everyone wants to share their location with others across social networks, especially with issues like privacy and safety that can crop up on those channels. Glympse provides users the convenience of using social networks to share their locations, without any of the privacy problems that might crop up from using other open networks such as Facebook. You can send your location to other users privately with the app, and set time limits on them so that they expire after a certain period. The app also SMS, Facebook and Twitter to send information while keeping everything you share private, so recipients won’t need to download software to use Glympse. The app also has been updated to work with Google’s “Fuse” location provider, and adds support for additional languages.

Who’s it for? Anyone who could use the ability to safely and securely share their location with other users will get a lot of use out of Glympse.

What’s it like? GPS Share and Location Share also provide users with some alternatives in sending location data.

Dots: A Game About Connecting (Free)

What’s it about? Dots tests players’ reflexes to draw lines between colored dots to connect them and score points within a time limit.

What’s cool? Dots is a game that’s all about quickly identifying and connecting groups of dots arranged on a grid. Each run through the game presents players with a grid filled with colored dots, with only the dots that of the same color eligible to be connected. Once you connect at least two dots together, they’ll be cleared to allow new ones to fill in. The goal is to connect as many dots together as possible at once, and you’ll need to plan ahead to clear smaller groups of dots away to make room for bigger ones. Dots includes two game modes – one based on a timer, and another, more easygoing mode that’s based on the number of moves players make.

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Who’s it for? Fans of reflex-based games that require a little strategy should check out Dots.

What’s it like? Grab Connecting Dots and Neon Flow for more casual games that require a little strategy.

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