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New Android apps worth downloading: A World of Ice and Fire, Pinterest update, The Conduit HD

Mar 25, 2013

With the success of Game of Thrones on TV, lots of people are heading back to author George R.R. Martin’s novel series that launched it, but the dense world of Westeros can be hard to follow. Fortunately, today’s first app worth downloading is A World of Ice and Fire, a giant encyclopedia to help you keep everyone straight in the books. We’ve also got an update to visual social network Pinterest, and The Conduit, a former Nintendo Wii first-person shooter that brings some awesome graphics to your Tegra 3 devices.

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A World of Ice and Fire (Free)

What’s it about? The official companion app to author George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series gives you all kinds of information about the books that start with A Game of Thrones.

What’s cool? “Game of Thrones” has become a successful (and very cool) HBO series, but before it was on cable, it was a series of fantasy books that are just as good as what’s on TV. A World of Ice and Fire includes a ton of information about the world of Martin’s books, like biographical information for more than 500 characters, rundowns of more than 380 places in Westeros and beyond, and interactive world maps. You can turn on an “anti-spoiler” setting to keep you from receiving information that’s in a book you haven’t read yet, and you can purchase “info-packs” based on each book to expand your app’s database.

Who’s it for? Fans of “A Song of Ice and Fire” will find a lot to like about this app, plus a lot of information that can make keeping up with Martin’s world a little easier.

What’s it like? Check out Game of Thrones Map and Game of Thrones Trivia if you just can’t get enough of Westeros.

Pinterest update (Free)

What’s it about? Social network Pinterest makes it easy to share images and items that interest you with others in a completely visual way, without the noise of status updates or other stuff.

What’s cool? Pinterest is a completely visual medium, and its emphasis is on sharing the things that you like and letting them speak for yourselves. You share items on Pinterest by creating “boards” of a certain theme or subject, and then just “pinning” items. You can add a brief description of the image or video, creating a board of a huge number of items that other people can see, follow, “re-pin,” comment on and more. Pinterest’s latest update makes it even easier to find new things to pin by showing you recommendations based on the things you like – namely, a “people who pinned this also pinned” feature.

Who’s it for? Social media junkies who like sharing things and visual simplicity should go for Pinterest.

What’s it like? Sharing images is also possible with Instagram and Facebook.

The Conduit HD (Free)

What’s it about? A first-person shooter that first appeared on the Nintendo Wii, The Conduit has great visuals and lots of intense gameplay that can really leverage your Tegra 3 Android device.

What’s cool? First-person shooter The Conduit has players fighting through an alien invasion as a secret service agent suddenly thrust into a world of intrigue and, well, shooting guys. The game is specifically designed for Android devices that use the Tegra 3 chip, so make sure it’s compatible with your device before you download it. If you do have top-of-the-line hardware, though, you’ll be able to get some awesome graphical power out of The Conduit, and you can even use Bluetooth controllers such as those made by Gamestop to get the best console-like experience you can.

Who’s it for? Players with an itch for great graphics and a powerful Android device shouldn’t miss The Conduit.

What’s it like? First-person shooters such as N.O.V.A. 3 and Modern Combat 4 are also great-looking games with a lot of action on offer.

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