New Android apps worth downloading: 1Weather and Trid updates, Simple | Android Apps

New Android apps worth downloading: 1Weather and Trid updates, Simple

Jan 23, 2013

Starting out today’s haul of apps worth downloading is 1Weather, a great app that displays about all the weather information you could possibly need. Financial app Simple is up next, which aims to keep track of your spending. Finally, Trid is a puzzler similar to the old electronic game Simon, and is all about fast-paced pattern recognition.

1Weather: Local Forecast, Radar update (Free)

What’s it about? Both slick-looking and full-featured, 1Weather provides tons of weather information.

What’s cool? If you want to talk about one-stop shops, 1Weather definitely fits the bill. The app contains all kinds of weather forecast features, allowing users to see seven-day forecasts in multiple areas, hourly forecasts, and precipitation information. You can save multiple locations so you can quickly view weather conditions, check air quality and UV charts, and even view animated sunrises and sunsets within the app.

Who’s it for? 1Weather is pretty much for anyone who wants a well-designed app for daily weather checks.

What’s it like? WeatherBug and RadarNow! also provide solid weather information on the go.

Simple (Free)

What’s it about? Keep your finances clear and organized with the help of Simple, which is designed to monitor your spending habits.

What’s cool? Simple users can track their spending in the app and get real-time information about how their finances are doing. The app lets you know if it’s safe to spend money by remembering how your balances have changed, helps with budgeting toward goals you can define, and even will help you find a nearby ATM if you’re looking for one.

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Who’s it for? If getting your finances a little more organized sounds appealing, give Simple a shot.

What’s it like? Another well-liked service is Personal Finance, or you could try MooLa! (Checkbook & Finance).

Trid update (Free)

What’s it about? Puzzler Trid is all about recreating patterns as fast as you can by tapping squares on a grid.

What’s cool? The timer is always running in Trid. The goal is to get through as many patterns as you can, as fast as you can, and with each successful transposition, you get a little time back on the clock. The patterns tend to rotate, so you’ll need to think fast in order to keep your score high. Trid’s newest update added four new game modes, plus performance enhancements and Google+ integration.

Who’s it for? Puzzle fans, kids, and anyone who wants to test their short term memory should download Trid.

What’s it like? Copycat Simon has some of the same sensibilities, as does Iconic Memory.

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