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Mar 28, 2011
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If you have ever been on of those people who randomly thinks of a movie and wishes they could put it on their netflix queue before you forget, you will love this list!

Flicks Watcher for Netflix

You can view Netflix listings under ‘lisitings’, you can have your favorites to. Under favorites you can specify what you want from years of movies to your favorite genres. You can also rate movies with the stars.


Netflix Notifier

Wondering when the new season of your favorite show is coming out on DVD? Well this is for you! Through this app, you can be notified when a new season or a new movie becomes available. You can set it up by using keywords. It’s fun and easy to use.


Critics Pix For Netflix

This app lets you view what movie critics have to say about the movies that are about to hit up your queue. You can also just search for movies too.


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