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Nesoid Lite brings NES games to Android platform

Sep 27, 2010

Gaming on the DROID has been somewhat lacking to date, at least in terms of the quantity of titles to choose from. But lament no more, as a solid Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator has been burning up the sales charts on the Android Marketplace for several weeks now.

If you’re new to game emulator software, an explanation is in order. Simply put, the $1.99 versions of Nesoid are standalone Android apps that allow you to play original games (called ROMs) on your device. The trick is finding ROMs online to move to your phone, and the copyright issue is dodgy, given that you should own the actual original NES title in order to legally download and play the ROM on your phone.

Once you get your ROM(s) in place, the app’s built-in loader software makes it easy to pick a title and place it into your smartphone’s memory. The paid version gives you the ability to save your game at any point in any level, and pick right up where you left off at a later time.

Sound can be an issue; the more complex the tune, the more likely it will cause a ROM to slow down or get super-choppy. Thankfully, turning off the tunes clears things up considerably.

The controls can be tough to master, given that the trackpad isn’t implemented. Instead, “1,” “A,” “Q,” and “W” control “Up,” “Down,” “Left,” and “Right,” while “O” and “P” stand in for the “B” and “A” buttons. Finally, “Delete” and “Enter” are employed for “Select” and “Start.” You can tweak these as you wish, but for most of us, these will work just fine.

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If you’re familiar with game emulators and don’t mind getting your hands dirty moving ROM files to and from your phone, Nesoid will greatly expand the gaming potential of your smartphone by bringing some oldies- but-goodies to your device.

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