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My Favorite Shopping Apps!

Nov 12, 2011

I love shopping, really who doesn’t? Here are some of my favorite shopping apps that I will be using during black friday!


I have an Amazon Prime membership which means that I do a lot of my shopping at This handy little app let’s me easily purchase an item with my “one-click” settings and not have to bother with entering in my shipping / payment info. It also let’s me find my recent orders and track them. Great for product comparison also.. you’d be surprised how often I find something cheaper on than in a store.


IKEA Catalog

I live close to an IKEA and I have to admit that I love the affordability of their products. Recently they’ve revamped a LOT of their products and they are even more sturdy and awesome looking. My favorite is the HEMNES collection. Simple lines and elegant. This handy app let’s me browse the 2012 catalogue in relative ease. It also allows me to bookmark and share items that I’m interested in!


Catalogue by TheFind

I don’t often shop by magazine but this handy little application lets you browse all of your favorite catalogues! Even lots you save your favorite items to your own personal catalogue or save whole catalogues so that you can browse them later! This app will also help us cut down on landfill trash, browsing catalogues electronically is a far better solution.


LivingSocial – Local Deals

I love a good deal, and LivingSocial gives me great deals every-so-often on things that are fun to splurge on or everyday useful.



When you’re looking for something rare, or on the cheap, or even just something out of stock elsewhere, eBay is a great place to look.


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