My Android Killer Apps

Jan 25, 2011
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The must have android apps


Hassle free launcher, full customization


Barcode Scanner

That weird, black and white, pixelly square to the right is called a QR-Code, and it stores text in the same way that a supermarket barcode stores numbers. In this case, it stores the URL of the Android Market page for the Barcode Scanner application.


Due Today Tasks & To-do List

The included homescreen widget lets you have a constant reminder of stuff you have to do, and is full-width, unlike some other task managers.


Got To Do

Got To Do is also based on Getting Things Done, and, like Due Today, syncs with ToodleDo. Try them both out and see which application’s interface you prefer — it’s a matter of personal preference.


Google — made for mobile

Do I need to explain Google’s basic search? Chances are, this came with your phone — it’s probably what appears when you hit the built-in Search button. Type something in and it’ll search for it on Google.


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