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Must have android apps

Nov 15, 2012

Android lover and smartphone addict. Got my first Android two years ago and ain’t stopped using it since then. Started blogging and writing about smartphone apps.

Out of Milk Shopping List

Probably one of the best shopping list implementation out there. Easy to use and free.


PR: Price Checker & Comparison

Price Rhythm is like taking your best friend for shopping. This app learns your shopping behavior and then starts advising you on the products your looking at. Very useful, easy to use and free. It made me a smart and shopsavvy user.


Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic

I tried google maps, worked with Nokia drive but Waze is by far the best gps app out there. Everything was done to be use friendly and no interaction is needed while driving. I also love the fact that they use crowd data to generate the driving directions. Never thought i would have a reason to use a GPS on a daily base when going through known roads but Waze proved me wrong. a must!


Skype – free IM & video calls

Not much to add but i think its a must for voice over internet calls.


WhatsApp Messenger

Me and my friends use it on a daily basis. The best app for group messages and an excellent app overall. Free to use.


Four In A Line Free

This classic game rocks. The graphics is nice and it never gets boring. The app has quality AI and various levels.


Data counter widget

Nice small helps that help you monitor how much data you use on a daily,weekly and monthly basis. Very useful if you got a limited data plan


ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers

Great sources for free music and ringtones. Free and has a huge data base.


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