Music on the go!

Oct 12, 2010

Looking to listen to some music on the go? Your Android device is great to use for that.

This list doesn’t include the stock-app. Pending for the list is Spotify (only available in EU)


Mobile client of a perfect web application. No need to store the music, Grooveshark let’s you pick the music you like and play it.

I love the radio function that will present new music all the time!

(subscription required)



The free client of Grooveshark


Amazon Music with Prime Music

Download music on the go to your device!

(songs have to be paid for!)


Thumbplay Music

Stream music live to your mobile!

(subscription required)



Explore music on the go! Tuneably is liked to several other sites consolidating the music you like and the option of buying the album.



Listen to great webstations on the go. Pick one, sit back and relax!


Pandora® Radio

One of the best apps and music playing sites in the world. Shame it is not available in NL though 🙁


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