Music for a Song

Nov 15, 2010

Some of my favourite music apps that are free to download and free or inexpensive to use.

Pandora® Radio

Every Android owner wanting to find more music that they like and listen to music not already in their library should have this app. Though it only works while you’re connected to the internet, its music recommendations are often uncanny, and only get more so as you rate the songs it plays for you and create specific stations.



Want an alternative to the standard Android music player? Cubed will import any playlists you’ve already made in the original player, and will import even more cover art from online. A much less boring interface, you might find this app an improvement. It also integrates with the next app amazingly.



This really cool add-on to Cubed (above) scans your music library and lets you know about upcoming concerts by your favourite artists within a specified distance.


Ubuntu One Music

As an Ubuntu fangirl, any way I can get my Droid to work with my computer running Ubuntu makes me happy, but this one works very well. Though you have to pay for a mobile account with Ubuntu One, if you’re already backing up your media to the cloud, this should be no hardship. This app lets you stream your music library remotely from your phone, including letting you cache songs for offline play. A really great space-saver for your SD card.


Lyrics App

This deceptively simple app is wonderful. Just let it run while you play your music player of choice (though it works best with the standard music app that comes with Android) and seconds later you will have a notification that will give you the lyrics of whatever song you’re listening to. I’ve been able to stump it but it has a pretty good track record. The simple white text on black is easy to read as well.

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Turn all your awesome and/or embarrassing music into ringtones easily. Mine is the Doctor Who theme from 2009. What?


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