Music fans: sink your teeth into Grooveshark

Oct 22, 2010

The intuitive custom station-building of Pandora meets the replayability factor of your MP3 player in Grooveshark, and it’s hard to imagine a better set of features in a music app. Music lovers with Android devices will love what Grooveshark has to offer, from offline play to favoriting to persistent song queues.

Building playlists is super easy. You can search for songs or artists by name, or create a custom radio station and pull your favorite tracks (or the whole station session) into a list. The search feature is efficient and user-friendly, and most searches will reveal not only the track you’re looking for, but a popular remix or two as well. Like one version over another? Mark it as a favorite. It’ll be waiting for you when you log back in to Grooveshark, along with your other recent favorites and queued songs.

Ever get a song stuck in your head? One of my favorite things about Grooveshark is that the app allows repeated plays of songs. It’s a nice touch; sometimes you just have to hear a song two (or three, or four) times in a row to get it out of your brain, and Grooveshark totally gets this. Bonus: you can also save tracks for offline play.

When you’re totally over that song that wouldn’t leave your brain last week, Grooveshark is very accomodating. It’s easy to change your mind and delete songs and playlists that you don’t want to hear anymore (but you can always find them again in search, if you’re not really over them).

All this in a free app that runs neatly in the background? Why yes, I will be getting my Groove(shark) on.

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