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Muscling up your brain with Memory Trainer

Oct 14, 2010

The Memory Trainer app for your Android phone is designed to improve your memory, and is actually a pretty fun app to use.

The app educates users about memory training, and adds that frequent exercises, like the ones found in Memory Trainer, help strengthen and improve memory. It also provides workouts, and monitors the user’s performance and progress over time. In particular, Memory Trainer works out your spatial memory, working memory, focus and concentration skills, and recommends that users return every day for a regular five-minute session.

The workouts train users to remember people’s names by training your imagery mnemonic abilities, and teaches how to remember a phone number by using a strategy called “chunking.”

These exercises are fairly simple to complete. They involve matching, repeating visual patterns, and pointing out which picture in a group does not belong.

This app is pretty advanced and has an endless number of levels, so you can keep coming back, day after day. The graphics are exceptional and brightly colored, and the games are surprisingly fun to play. It seems to function pretty flawlessly, too, which is impressive for an app that costs nothing.

Time will tell if this app actually makes a difference in memory strength, but the challenge will keep users playing to improve their scores.

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