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Motorola ships 250,000 Xooms, 4.1 million smartphones in Q1 2011

Apr 29, 2011

Though analysts have projected Motorola’s Xoom tablet sales at a somewhat lackluster 100,000 in the first quarter of the year, the company’s has reported it has shipped 250,000 units since it launched in February.

According to a story from Pocket Gamer, Motorola Mobility’s (MMI) Q1 financial report shows the company’s year-on-year revenue increased 22 percent to $3 billion. Motorola hasn’t actually released numbers on how many Xooms it has sold, but its shipments are almost double what analysts expected to see from Motorola.

Overall, Motorola’s mobile division increased its total business for the quarter to 9.3 million shipped units, almost a million more than the same time in 2010, when Motorola shipped out 8.5 million units. Most of that increase has been in smartphones — the company’s Q1 2011 shipments hit 4.1 million units, up from 2.3 million during the same time in 2011. Oh, and mobile revenue’s are up 30 percent from last year, hitting $2.1 billion.

The numbers show how Motorola has been pounding away in the Android market. They also suggest that while the iPad 2 was strategically position to take on the Xoom when it was released in March, Motorola and its Android tab wasn’t necessarily taken out of the game. The tablet’s shipped units (and of course, the ones were actually sold) pale in comparison to Apple’s (AAPL) iPad 2 numbers, but it appears the Xoom subsisted fairly well, which make future Android tablets and improvements from Motorola more likely.

And even though Android’s share of the smartphone market seems to have slipped a few percentage points, according to research firm NDP Group, Motorola is firing away in the smartphone department. The company is taking advantage of the 50 percent marketshare Android still enjoys, and success will mean more quality smartphones hitting shelves to keep pace with demand.

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A burgeoning mobile division quarter will mean more innovation and more powerful phones as Motorola works to expand its successes. With all the developments that have been going on in the app development end of the pool lately — notably OpenFeint’s expansion into China and the increasing growth of the Android Market — expect to see some very cool new things in 2011 for Android enthusiasts. The success of companies like Motorola will provide devices that can handle better, more powerful apps and games. Android’s continued explosion seems to guarantee even more great things on the horizon.

Things might not be so rosy on the tablet front, but Motorola’s numbers point to an outlook that’s not all gray, either. Although Android companies are struggling against the iPad, the fact that the struggle continues means Android tabs will keep coming and keep improving in the future.

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