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More details on Android tabs for CES; Google introduces ‘Digital Newsstand’

Jan 3, 2011

With the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) rapidly approaching, more details are emerging about some of the Android-powered tablets that are likely to be on display in Las Vegas this year. Motorola’s (MOT) Honeycomb-based tablet may have been stealing the headlines recently, but Toshiba (TOSBF.PK) has just announced a tablet powered by NVIDIA’s (NVDA) Tegra 2 processor. Sporting a brilliant 720p adaptive 10-inch display, front and rear cameras and USB connectivity, this should definitely be exciting news for Android fans.

Meanwhile, more info has surfaced about VIZIO’s Android-powered tablet and smartphone too. Both use a 1GHz processor, with the Via phone sporting a 4-inch touchscreen, front-facing camera, and a standard 5-megapixel camera. The Via tab will have an 8-inch screen, three audio speakers, and a front-facing camera. The tablet wars look definitely likely to warm up in 2011.

Google’s Digital Newsstand in the works

Google (GOOG) continues to make waves in the world of digital publishing. Hot on the heels of its previously announced digital e-book store, The Wall Street Journal reports that the Internet giant has started talks with a number of magazine publishers to launch a rival to Apple’s (AAPL) iTunes store focusing on newspapers and magazines for tablet computers and other mobile devices. Google have, apparently, been talking with a range of publishers, including Time Warner (TWX), Condé Nast and the Hearst Corporation.

With recent reports citing the ever-increasing decline of magazine sales, both in the real world and on Apple’s iPad, Google will need to execute its digital newsstand extremely well for it to be successful. However, such a venture is still a prime example of the ever-increasing influence of Android-powered devices and the ongoing development on the platform.

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