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Monster Galaxy Exile tops Android Games of the Week

Oct 14, 2012

This week didn’t give us very many major releases, but through my endless hunting and sifting, I managed to find some solid titles for our list. Most notable is Monster Galaxy Exile, the follow up to this year’s popular monster battler. We’ve also got the latest in the Destroy Gunners series, a third-person space-themed shooter, an interactive novel, and the latest from Gamevil. Here are this week’s top Android games.

Fantasy War (Free)

This is the latest freemium affair from Gamevil. It’s a big-time battle RPG not too dissimilar from the various monster battlers we’ve been seeing. You can choose from three main factions, being the humans, elves and orcs/goblins. After choosing your side, you can build your forces up in the story-based conquest mode, and also enjoy some solid dungeon crawls in dungeon mode. You can also take on enemy players and plunder their goods, which is always fun. The art, music and such are all pretty well done, but some devices are seeing some really nasty bugs, and the gameplay itself is really not very engaging.

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