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Mobile Sports News Android app lets you know the score

Dec 5, 2010

There’s no shortage of sports news apps in the Android marketplace. Enter Mobile Sports News, a plain-vanilla offering that does an admirable job of scraping and formatting the latest headlines, scores and sports-blogs postings right on your phone’s small screen.

The mobile web sites for ESPN and NBC Sports are this app’s primary sources of data. I found the content to be fresh, timely and rendered for easy reading. Scores were up to date (thanks, NBC), and I was especially glad to see seven popular sports blogs represented in the app.

Headlines and the latest news are available for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, soccer, college football, ND central, tennis, golf, motor sports, college hoops, Olympic sports, horse racing and “other sports.” Don’t let the plain interface scare you away, Mobile Sports News sticks to its strengths, and is a welcome addition to any sports lover’s phone.

Tip: If you’re a rabid fan of soccer (European football), be sure to pick up the Sky version of this app from the marketplace. The same interface is put to play on mainland sources of football news, garnering that app an even larger number of positive reviews from the more civilized nations of the world.

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