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Mobile carriers split over Carrier IQ controversy

Dec 2, 2011

Voodoo Carrier IQ detector app will track the tracker, though it’s a very new tool and has plenty of kinks to work out. Supercurio, the team behind the new app, has released its source code for those that want to help refine the tool.

Security providers have also been pulled into the mix, as companies like Lookout received countless inquiries from customers after Carrier IQ was exposed to the mobile community. “The most alarming aspect of Carrier IQ’s software is that most consumers are neither aware of its presence on their mobile devices, nor the level of data that is being collected,” says Tim Wyatt, Lookout’s Principle Engineer.

“Metrics are all the rage these days, and it’s hip to be a metrics-driven company. It’s critical to consider users’ privacy, however, and the more sensitive the data that is being touched, the more critical it is to give your users a clear opt-out path. While this isn’t currently an option provided by Carrier IQ and its partners, we’re hopeful that it will become one in the near future.”

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