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Mix it up with Scramble With Friends on your Android

Mar 26, 2012

Dear Alec Baldwin, please don’t download this game! The addictive gameplay will only get you into more trouble, particularly while traveling on planes, trains and automobiles because it’s just as fun and social as the game that got you thrown off a commercial flight.

Hanging With Friends),  but does have its own interface and user experience. Like Words, you can choose to play a random opponent or find a friend using Facebook or your Android contacts. You can also select – and purchase additional – power-ups to give yourself an edge during a match which people with love or hate depending on their feelings regarding fair play and cheating. And, like Words, you can kick off more than one game at a time. This helps in turn-based games like Scramble with Friends, as you have nothing to do while your opponent takes his/her turn.

Once a match has been set, you’ll play three rounds, each two minutes long head-to-head. It’s a basic word scramble concept, but instead of using a pen or pencil to trace the words, you just drag your finger. The only rule is that consecutive letters must touch each other so you can veer off diagonally or zig-zag to find words. The more letters you use the higher your word score. The power-ups include Inspiration – where the game will show you a word in the current puzzle, Scramble – that shakes the tiles to give you a different view, and Freeze – that temporarily pauses the clock for a few seconds, giving you more time.

It’s a fun diversion and will surely distract you from things around you and your to-do list, so player beware.

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