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Men In Black and other Hollywood hits take on Android

May 31, 2012

Piranha 3DD has a much bloodier plot, as you play a school of hungry piranhas, eating those silly humans swimming in your water. You can knock them off your boat if you’re really anxious for a meal, or eat other fish. Your school grows with each egg you collect, and high scores are earned through feeding frenzies. Not surprisingly, there’s upgrades available for the game, which will make your school of toothy fish even more powerful.

…and back again.

The final game in our line-up today is also a popular movie, though it started as a game. Final Fantasy Dimensions is one of the most anticipated games expected to debut at E3 2012, finally bringing a worthy FF title to Android. The game is expected to be an homage to older Final Fantasy titles as far as visuals are concerned, though the game could follow a new storyline. Look for a throwback to 2-D pixel graphics, with which FF fans will be familiar.

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