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Feb 24, 2011

Lookout Mobile Security has taken on the challenge of securing our Android devices, making an early entry into the mobile sector. Dedicating itself to this emerging market, Lookout’s been able to build a brand and a product line that’s tailored for our mobile lives.

Lookout already has free and premium mobile security offerings. Recently funded with $19.5 million, Lookout is ready to take on new challenges, launching Lookout Labs this week. The goal is to find creative and innovative ways to help mobile users gain a sense of security, even beyond viruses and malware attacks. Lookout Labs’ first project is We are really excited to see the web Android Market. Not only does it provide Android users with another way to explore apps, it also gives developers, like Lookout, new ways to engage with the Android community – as we did with Plan B. Without the web Android Market, Plan B would not be possible.  The online synchronization capability available in the Android Market website is what makes Plan B so powerful.

4.       Is there a comparable iPhone app?

At this time, Lookout is available on BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile. As we expand to other platforms, we will be sure to include Lookout Labs initiatives that touch other mobile OS platforms.

5.       What else can we expect to see from Lookout Labs?

Lookout Labs will continue to produce new, innovative and fun projects like Plan B to engage with the mobile community. This is where we’ll be exploring our most innovative ideas, so hopefully each release has an element of, “wow, how’d they do THAT?”

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