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Mathway Android app calculates how to improve your math skills

Feb 23, 2012

Your Android works hard to entertain you, but don’t let that be its only purpose. Use that powerful Android device as a bionic brain implant as well, and get smarter using it to calculate your work and teach you math at the same time.

The Mathway app delivers solutions to your math problems in a large set of categories, including basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus, and statistics.


The app starts by asking you to choose a category and then to simply enter the problem you’re working on. The keyboard for input shifts automatically from whatever you’re using – the standard Android keyboard or some other option – to Mathway’s own, which features all the keys of a scientific calculator. You’ll be able to input even a complex equation easily. Ask the app to solve it and it will crunch away to deliver the answer. If that’s all you need, you’re done. But if you want to learn the steps the app used to solve the problem you’ll need to upgrade your Mathway account with a day, month, or year-long subscription fee.

Samples from the premium account show you what you get and it looks pretty good for students or teachers leading a math class in elementary, junior high or high school. You can even drill deeper into each section of the how-to instructions for additional information.

What’s not to love? Well, with resources like out there, the web sports a lot of math tutoring for free. Still, there aren’t many apps with this level of math help. Math instructors may not love this app because it can help students a little too much if misused, but hopefully, it will promote deeper understanding of math fundamentals.

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