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March Madness tips off with these Android apps

Mar 9, 2012

Work? What’s that? It’s never been easier to lose work productivity during March Madness, thanks to your Android device and a slew of NCAA-ready apps. This year is monumental, in that the NCAA has launched March Madness Live which offers mobile game video streaming once you’ve paid a one-time $3.99 in-app fee. But there’s plenty of other apps to keep you abreast of game scores and to manage your bracket. Stay ahead of the game with these Android apps.

Bracket Tracker (Free)

This is an app that made the March Madness list last year, and with the expectation that Bracket Tracker will be updated over the weekend, we’re mentioning it again. Like many bracket managers, Bracket Tracker lets you create your own brackets to follow along with the NCAA tournament. From there you can create your own pools or join someone else’s, competing against friends to really up the ante around March Madness. Track team standings, view game times and their results. It’s a social way to enjoy March Madness, and can earn you some bragging rights as well.

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