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Linlink Android game is virtually unplayable

Oct 26, 2010

Developer GoodTEAM Lab’s Linlink offers up a colorful memory-style game that has the potential to be a fun little time-killer. I say potential, because this is the first game I’ve loaded on my Droid 1 (A855) that does such a perfect job of bogging itself down with slow animations and delayed reaction to finger-presses that it’s nearly unplayable.

You start with a downright massive set of small tiles that are begging you to clear them. Squint at your screen to find matches, then patiently press and hold on a tile.

Wait a few seconds, then drag your finger to its match. If you’re lucky, the game will successfully understand your gesture, and clear the tiles. If not, it will unhelpfully make both blink red, and leave them where they lie. No joy.

Once GoodTEAM Labs rewrites the app to run at the proper speed on all Android devices, it looks like only EVO owners sporting the latest hardware will be able to enjoy this title. Steer clear of it otherwise, and let’s hope an update is coming soon.

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