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Lead a life of crime with these multiplayer Android games

Apr 18, 2012

Ever want to be the bad guy or be someone others fear? Want to make the rules and do what you want and not care about others? Well now you have a chance to become part of your own Mafia. There are many Mafia type games currently available for Android, and here are the ones I enjoyed the most.

You will find that most of these games follow a similar pattern. They are multiplayer online games, where you grow your mob by recruiting others online. You level-up by completing jobs, purchasing items, and probably the most “fun” part, attacking and/or robbing others online. The games are free but strongly encourage online purchases.

Crime City is a Mafia game with 3-D graphics. Although there is no blood in the game, this one can be a bit more “violent” than others. If you are given the job to shoot someone, your character will walk up to them, pull out a gun and shoot. The game has three main areas: your own hood, various zones in the city and then the player vs. player area. Within each of the areas, you will complete different jobs to earn money, reputation, and items to help level-up.

Within your hood or your base of operations, you will purchase buildings to earn money and provide protection. In each of the zones of the city, there will numerous jobs you will need to do like helping your uncle get out of jail or bribing a court official. There’s also robbing, mugging, killing, stealing… you name it. In the player vs. player area you can attack directly or go to their hood and try to rob from their shops. To play you need to have enough energy and or stamina to complete tasks. You can purchase more or wait for them to refill once you are out. The game has over 500 jobs, over 60 areas to explore, and a large online community making for extended gameplay.

Earning a reputation as a bad guy, adding others to your mob, and completing jobs around town all take time. Each of these mafia games provides plenty of gameplay and some unique angles to multiplayer online gaming for Android. In all, in-games purchases are encouraged but you can push forward slowly without them. So do you have what it takes to run a Mafia? Do you want to be that bad guy everyone fears?

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