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Kongregate Arcade returns to Android with 300+ free games

Jan 31, 2011

On a recent Friday night, I headed over to Download our new Android app!

The real impact of this app is this: If you’re looking for a massive collection of free games to play anywhere, anytime on your phone, there’s no better app than Kongregate Arcade. With 300 games in more than a dozen genres to choose from, you’ll be shooting, running, strafing, puzzling, strategizing, and attacking these titles with gusto for many moons to come.

Don’t miss Vector Runner (think Battlezone), G-Switch and Screw the Nut. And if you happen upon a less than stellar offering, feel free to rate it as such. In the same way, be sure to rate your favorites highly so they’ll pop up on your personal best-of lists. Another way to dodge the bad games? Select “Staff Favorites” from the menu. You’ll be glad you did.

As if you needed one more reason to install this app: You’ll receive 50 points in your Kongregate web account upon installation. What are you waiting for?

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